Saturday, January 31, 2009

Projects C and B and no A

Project C:
She logged in just in time to see her owner leave for work with a promise of some time when she comes back.

Project B:
Logged in and her owner gave her a one time offer of freedom with no repercussions. She declined (which I felt was quite brave of her) and is stuck in a box. From what she told me it will probably be her permanent home. Her owner said that her cuffs would soon be welded on so she asked just to get it done with. Her owner declined and said something like 'all in good time.'

My guess: she wants to see some fear and trembling from Project B first. She wants Project B to really feel the meaning of having her cuffs welded in place, to dread it before it actually happens and regret it once it does.

Her owner has made a few menacing promises - in the box pretty much forever and now she might have to wear a hood permanently. Project B seems to have a mix of dread and eagerness about it all, like she wants it and doesn't want it. Either way she needs to be more aware of and open with her feelings. Sound familiar? Sometimes fiction is stranger than the truth. No wait... the truth is stranger this time.

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