Monday, November 9, 2009

The way things have been for me lately

For the last week or so, this was about all i could see of SL:

i tried all the standard stuff to try and fix it - clearing the cache (whatever that is), rebooting, reinstalling - but nothing worked. i even tried a new SL viewer, Emerald, and that didn't work. Mistress somehow got it working but then again, Mistress has magical powers.

So now that i can actually get into SL, this is literally what i can see:

This is the product of Mistress' magical powers of course but it seems symbolic in a way. i see all this blurriness and at the same time i have forgotten what it is to make Her happy and to have Her be pleased with me. i've been busy, distracted, traveling, etc, but the fact is, i have been letting things slide to much and too far.

Oh and by the way, sending a crash report doesn't seem to help at all. It just takes longer to end up being frustrated.