Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The life of a slave

... can be very boring. Just waiting, typing lines... that's it really.

I am starting to see that even though that is all I 'do' - all the activity that there is for me, I can add to it. I am in this suit for Mistress which makes it a good thing. She knows what is best and so the time I spend in this suit is producing a better, stronger, smarter Emilee for Mistress.

If I am better for her, and smarter and stronger, my life in SL can only get better. I won't need constant reminders and I will take advice and suggestions to heart, like the one from yesterday about being a robot. I hate that I (for some reason) didn't give Mistress any creativity in the way I was expressing myself. The way I expressed emotion was nearly empty of emotion.

She's changed that. It was such a simple question but for some reason I was blinded to it. Thank goodness it was just a question she asked and not an essay or some such. It was kind of her to help me with it.

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Jaan Dubrovna said...

I am thinking about you and missing you Emilee. School was closed today because of snow and will be closed tomorrow as well. Maybe I will see if I can catch you sometime. Oh, I hope to have a ring to show you soon!