Monday, August 31, 2009

The latex assignment, part... 2?

It's been so long that i honestly don't remember if i had done this before or not. i vaguely remember putting all these here once but either way, Mistress wanted to see some options for latex catsuits and so here is what i found, in no particular order because the order i put them in is irrelevant:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What was he expecting?

[23:31] Husky Laryukov: Hello girl , what are you doing here ?

Old school, possibly Gor or ex-Gor.

[23:33] Emilee Gackt: Just doing a bit of profile browsing.
[23:34] Husky Laryukov: Girls with collars get my attention rather quickly , I must confess

Odd... why would someone bother? Is it the thrill of wanting what you can't have? Or... actually i don't have an 'or' here. i just don't get that.

[23:34] Emilee Gackt: Really? Why is that?
[23:35] Husky Laryukov: lol ...Because I am a Master, my sweet

Oh excellent answer! It is all so clear now!

[23:36] Emilee Gackt smiles. "Well yes, i understand that but doesn't a collar mean that the slave is taken?"
[23:37] Husky Laryukov: some like a collar just for the feel of it, they feel naked without it

That one actually was a good answer.

[23:37] Emilee Gackt: Ah. i see.
[23:38] Emilee Gackt: In my case it is more that that.

He just finished reading my profile.

[23:39] Husky Laryukov: yes girl, I understand

i am glad He does because i don't.

Chatting with Mrs. B

Jan finally got back from her wedding and honeymoon. i'm not sure how long it was since i saw Her last - probably a month? It was nice to see Her again and see that things are as they were (at least for now) in SL.

She has a clothes shop - Dubrovna Fashions - and last night she told me to bring Mistress and anything we want in the shop would be free. i told Her i would and after a reflected on that for a while it occurred to me that i wouldn't bring Mistress. i would tell Mistress about Jan's offer and then wait for Her approval. Mistress is not mine to be bringing places. i am hers to be brought.

Either way, i like the thrill of going places with Mistress. i truly never know if i will end up with a nose beep (yay!) or more lines to type (boo!) and the stress of trying to stay on my toes for my entire time with holds this anticipation that is mingled with anxiety. Call it anti-ticipation?

Monday, August 24, 2009

My road to riches

Nyte N Day has sort of a permanent photo contest going. You take a pic of yourself wearing their clothes and if the put it up in the store, you win $1000L. i figure with my natural good looks and charm and Mistress' Photoshop abilities, we've easily got a lock on the $1000L or at least a spot in the top 17.

Has to be all Nyte N Day clothes, can't Photoshop the clothes at all, yada yada but i should have enough clothes from there in my inventory already to create a bunch of pix.
/me sees dollar sings in her head.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


i got the upgrader for the ring but button i need is in a folder that only Mistress has access to. i haven't used this phrase in a while and it just popped into my mind. This overstates it but:

¸.•*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•.¸Sometimes it sucks to be a slave¸.•*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•.¸

That should have been something easy to do but since i'm locked in a few ways that normal people don't have to deal with, the simple becomes a challenge for me and though it does suck i suppose, i wouldn't change it and i am grateful everyday for Mistress and Her ring and Her collar and on and on...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maybe if i upgrade the ring?

The ideal solution is one where i just fix everything. Mistress would be pleased with that. So tonight i set out to try to update my ring with high hopes and nothing but optimism.

Just as i got to the Mars Ring place and everything rezzed and i found the vendor and got the notecard and read it and was ready to try it... Mistress logged in.

Kind of a good news/not really bad news thing.

i didn't make much progress with the ring but (and i know this will sound trite, contrived and maybe even conniving) i made a lot of progress with Mistress. Sometimes you spend time with someone and the talk gets deeper and deeper and before you know you are all of a sudden just sort of watching watching words fly out of your mouth, wondering to yourself, 'Did i really just say that?'

In my case, i did because i have the notecard to prove it.

i really am grateful for Her and i hate that i need to be reminded of how much trust i can place in Her hands without the need for fear, worry, alarm, shame... all forms of the dreaded T-word really.

i do love Her immensely.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One of the problems women must deal with as they age is bone loss. In SL, women also have to deal with skin and face loss...

... and sometimes total brain loss. No wonder i can't figure out RLV. Look close - there's nothing in there but the sound of the ocean.

RLV ad nauseum

RLV was made to add some realism to things in SL and to make the life of subs and slaves more of a challenge. It has been doing that to me lately but not in the way that anyone intended.

We need a new collar (apparently - or anything with Marine's scripts in it) to make it all work as it should but it isn't as easy as me just running out and getting a new collar just like that.

  • Mistress owns my money so it will be Her decision what i buy or don't buy.
  • She owns ME and so i can't just go and do something so important without Her permission, input and guidance.
  • She will likely have another suggestion (or more) before we get to the point of starting with a fresh collar (or other device).
  • She knows a lot more about how RLV was initially set up in my inventory so She might have other ideas about what to do.

My latest effort:

[20:40] Emilee Gackt: Once i set up the folders full of items to share with RLV, how does someone else use those items? [This was asked of the RLV Support Group]


[20:40] Addy Broome: through a compatable device or collar
[20:40] Jill Freenote: either with the outfit plugin of RR collars, or any number of other tools.
[20:41] Janie Janus: through the menu system

Another question:
[20:41] Emilee Gackt: Where do i get the plug in?
[20:41] Emilee Gackt: Wherever fine RR collars are sold?

[20:41] Cerowain Ceawlin: Is already part of the updated RR collars, Emilee
[20:41] Peachey Giles: the plugin is built in to many collars and other attachments. Depends what you are using

Another question, different but related to the one i had just asked:
[20:42] Emilee Gackt: So if i get a new collar, i'd be all set then?

[20:42] Cerowain Ceawlin: yup
[20:42] Nova Binder: Cerowain! :)
[20:43] Cerowain Ceawlin: Nova!!! :-)

Nova!!! :-) Woohoo!

A suggestion:

[20:43] Janie Janus: have you looked at Open collar?
[20:44] Emilee Gackt: Not yet but i will, thanks [When i say ' i will' i mean 'i will with Mistress' permission']
[20:44] Janie Janus: it does whay you want
[20:44] Janie Janus: what*

[20:42] Brianna Pfalz: the free open collars also have rlv plugins

[20:42] Emilee Gackt: Including the outfit plug in?
[20:42] Brianna Pfalz: Just join the group and you can take any and all of them
[20:43] Brianna Pfalz: RLV is built into the collars...just need to activate RLV in it
[20:43] Emilee Gackt: Got it. Thanks!
[20:43] Brianna Pfalz: Freee is good
[20:43] Brianna Pfalz: they have cuffs too
[20:43] Brianna Pfalz: place can be a little laggy if very many are there
[20:43] Brianna Pfalz: but you can take one of everything if you want
[20:43] Peachey Giles: Open Collar has the function built in as does things like the MARS ring and most of the better collars and wearable items

[20:44] Emilee Gackt: Thanks.

So… this is great advice and gives lots of reasons to be optimistic except that last bit about the Mars Ring. That’s what Mistress currently tries to use and according to Marine, it won’t work and/or she can’t help with it. So if that should work and doesn’t, would an Open Collar be the same or could that be the end of this ongoing, never ending drama?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bad news and bad news about RLV

i got this IM back from Marine:

[16:28] Marine Kelley: hi, I'm afraid the script you are using is not mine, so I can't really help you there... You can't wear "outfits" anyway since the folder does no contain items. try to make it wear Outfits/Black Sexy instead

At least now i feel a lot less dumb for not being able to figure it all out but now what seemed close to a resolution at one point now seems less of hope (as in hopeless).

What happens next? Do we start over? Do i get a new collar? Only the Mistress knows the answers to these questions. Tune in next time for the answers.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Leave it to Mistress

i hit a brick wall on the RLV thing and she says this:

Look for Marine Kelly and send her a very polite respectful IM. Tell her all you want to do is...

i was willing to accept defeat and live with things being a little clunky but workable. Mistress is not accustomed to taking no for an answer so now i have to IM the famous (and therefore probably very busy) Marine Kelley? i'm not sure why but that makes me nervous somehow. Slaves don't get the luxury of being nervous though, do they?

Even though i now deeply hate this bloody folder, i am eager to try again in a way since it really is for Mistress. If it wasn't for Her that is was doing it i'd have given up long ago.

The RLV project is unending

and completely boggling to me. No matter what i try, it won't work as advertised. There are too many variable it seems.

The most frustrating part is that it is an opportunity to do something for Mistress and in all of my attempts i have failed completely.

Bugger. my Aussie friends would say 'bugger that!'

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

someone teel me she is vrry good Mistress

i had a chat with a potential slave tonight. If i had to guess where she is from i would pick Russia/eastern Europe. i'm not sure we'll ever find out though.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A name from the past...

[8:14] Desire Genira: How is your Miss
[8:14] Emilee Gackt: She's very busy in RL but otherwise She's fine.
[8:15] Desire Genira: i am glad to hear that. Please send her my regards
[8:15] Emilee Gackt: i will Desire.
[8:15] Emilee Gackt smiles.
[8:17] Desire Genira smiles

Regards officially sent along some other feelings and sentiments.

A nice IM i got today

[8:02] MikeNIkes Dezno: Notecards (00dca4a1-e2e6-4358-a54a-6e3463853c79)
*4 gestures* (000905b2-cf0a-e8a1-8bde-1a2912cad19c)
for more gestures (9cfb2bd7-2801-7797-ebd2-8a8ba702f190)
Calling Cards (0785258d-9025-444c-9a19-f0c468954919)
2SplitA Peapod (d5814a5c-256d-6c94-8438-c9632d2abd66)
Addie Druth (d20848a8-055c-8f6b-9faa-dc41b4a2b78e)
BethyLea Rexen (b25cfba4-1ab2-e38c-e324-9e7e522ab716)
Beulaha Magic (1439ba3b-618d-272c-40d8-1bdc4a3ea5af)
Caressa Perl (52485b6b-9ddc-db25-b1b8-96f352e0f191)
debbie Belar (19132297-2e69-0191-7028-e1f6ceb7993d)
Geryn Clip (d4975760-aa80-fa48-8f9a-996f70e7def7)
IAmTheBest Hermit (53bfda6a-f928-2c24-eeb0-87f60be68cf1)
StevieJay Skytower (b344f490-7e9a-c1a1-9d5d-a4c5d1f02684)
Sunshyne Moonites (9fdf53bd-4a19-e770-6b8f-ad4e3e0a4620)
TwinkleStarBright Xue (ec0ea85b-e96c-85d0-973d-163705f64794)
XoticDelights Franizzi (a9cb11b0-609b-f242-9e94-58e3779e82b6)
YakiraJingle Renfold (2dbf2283-1bdf-84ac-f755-54ce0ec64453)
Izzy Friehof (46455a59-864d-fc79-d85e-c051e31dba5c)
[8:02] MikeNIkes Dezno: 9c5ac-f82a-ccd4-863f-bb61ea49f11c)
***REDGRAVE Womens Skin & Fashio, REDGRAVE Womens Fashion (214, (c2e54b55-9341-043a-071c-c607430b47b2)
.:GuRL 6 HAIR:. @ GuRLyWood , GuRLyWood (64, 13, 31) (62e7703c-affd-be33-86ed-d0c836210848)
A*Tomac Role Optic Freebies Anns, Simlicious (208, 182, 22) (a28790e3-c815-0b09-d0a2-e991a0bf6f6f)
ADORED CLOTHING AND HAIR~MAIN ST, Alhena (171, 51, 23) (45eb8f93-f57b-0584-bcb5-63cfaf65b7c2)
analog dog island, Analog Dog Hair (102, 185, 21) (de702f9f-063b-50b8-8a02-eb4d6735c5cd)
AWESOME DESIGNS @ Awesome Isle (Main Store) (dd399416-7170-8f01-236e-45894ee61ea8)
Crave Clothing Designs, Splendid Land (128, 211, 23) (c8bef501-6430-c659-af1e-89309f5d52d3)
G SLOANE COUTURE, Zellig (38, 53, 65) (7c666e4e-82af-bdd1-751b-3475d48b1c59)
Goldie Locks Hair @ Nantli Xolal, Nantli Xolal (242, 156, 23) (402a357e-f3f4-4c91-55e8-fa279018f6c2)
Help Island 3 (122, 128, 26) (ccb79b62-8bf7-87db-d744-afd74a15f184)
Mischief Fashions - Clothes Casu, Mischief Isle (19, 19, 26) (e1
[8:02] MikeNIkes Dezno: 77c05-00b9-f98a-7cb4-afb495e89964)
NEWBIE HAIR VOUCHER GuRLyWood (10deb8fd-9395-28eb-a1ce-1566a0a6a967)
OnRez - Software tools for your , OnRez (139, 124, 21) (84c2c668-03c7-adb9-8762-ef4aaf6cd366)
PD HEADQUARTERS LOBBY (12361a7f-e290-8cde-f28a-147205d47a6b)
WISH Shoes and more Outlet Store, Liberty Central N (21, 63, 51 (bf5ea448-7947-18cc-56dd-d6a22d669087)
woman,men clothes,tatoos,bikinis,LOW PRICE (6df6230b-9b09-07a9-a65e-70c83e7d01e5)
Gestures (983b3436-d3a9-4f99-8427-19a46ff8712f)
Male Gestures (6f6037ed-3687-05c4-a597-9f57e91a4495)
Male - Get lost (375389f5-929f-d994-0147-cdc76d6c0dc3)
Male - Blow kiss (ea24086b-3afb-4b8a-03b8-c8bef4963c08)
Male - Boo (7534e286-853d-7680-8727-4eed360e62b2)
Male - Bored (15498101-1d68-1809-1c72-d59007fae423)
Male - Chuckle (b3a187a0-db53-0906-0692-fdf4449c3545)
Male - Excuse me (be55968d-2330-b103-686f-88c2bcdade62)
Male - Hey (1479f310-b44a-45f0-20a7-9f563aa5e3a0)
Male - Laugh (47451d62-270f-0afa-e14a-30753b9591e0)
[8:02] MikeNIkes Dezno: rog (bbdc856f-67e5-c239-6afe-977b2b17f7ae)
Makeeda Hiess (838e61d9-580a-b67b-c7e5-c9c4b92093b2)
Maryam Zilz (d62566b2-361d-dab4-e78f-55d7a28701eb)
Mustbefeltupdownand Sideways (5274c6d4-2a7b-c97a-8476-615da621fab4)
PecanzOnA Waffle (c843d294-a83b-748e-8216-ad48887e4d12)
Sarraha Lemon (e6925f9d-d832-39fb-23ac-2c2b23040cd4)
SexyTip Tachikawa (e3ad8ac9-05ac-bc81-9cce-678172bf6f1b)
Landmarks (510cd935-be70-4e28-95e9-5aaea0f080ed)
#- Sirena Hair & Fashion -# (Hair, Clothes, & Mermaid Tails) (30bf0715-28f0-22ea-6aca-ac3bbee21c62)
A*Tomac Role Optic Freebies Anns, Simlicious (208, 182, 22) (37d43460-1709-6121-9ee5-e7505f74c0c1)
analog dog island, Analog Dog Hair (102, 185, 21) (bd5d3711-565d-68a0-44f6-5b4d5806768c)
beach landing safe spot (ec476922-9362-3068-af51-ef1b9d875ee5)
Dart Lagoon, Dart Lagoon (137, 110, 53) (0eaa97db-b32a-7542-2c1d-4e2189a495df)
Sexy Catz @ Quality Lag, Quality Lag (128, 185, 23) (168dbadb-af05-3edb-ea48-2fc8be0ffa83)
Textures (5eb8049e-279a-4a97-a15a-24cc0f3b8540)

[8:02] MikeNIkes Dezno: ounds (6133c549-5a51-4f9e-ba40-999f28afd067)
Objects (66a88c5e-aeb6-479b-bcf1-a2a7e5ad147a)
!Bartender HUD (8409f055-9bb7-2b8a-5a91-09462b4b1728)
40 Couple Poses (01367254-f79a-9b44-41b2-9aacf7938784)
Avatar Scanner (HUD) Silent 1.2 (f75906cc-b36d-c286-ec71-3ca7cc1ebb22)
Couples MultiAnimator v2e (c8462e07-faa0-1f14-76ab-53daa545aba5)
Garden Rock v0.00 (7344663e-1529-00ca-264e-c7595de92edd)
Happy Holidays/Gift from Satin & Erin (001c7b34-c056-7814-8aa7-d0f79791694c)
Happy Holidays/Gift from Satin & Erin (fa071a4f-67a1-29a6-af91-fef73d6fc55c)
Animations (7e16d4f7-7527-46e4-99f2-40845eecf51a)
Newbies (94a58e78-8928-7c9a-7888-2f500b3da544)
!Mystical Visions & Mystic Dream, Gwail (167, 106, 98) (6ed62576-354b-f7e3-5cb0-b524ef36ea3a)
#- Sirena Hair & Fashion -# (Hair, Clothes, & Mermaid Tails) (8dff5f2a-3ee2-6ff9-913e-4f336338178c)
*** Milky9 ***All 0L$ & Shopping, Milky Land (85, 146, 22) (28892401-281e-595a-837c-310bf2c957da)
***** Vienna Freebies 0 L$ High-Quality, Wien (149, 215, 27) (04
[8:02] MikeNIkes Dezno: - Repulsed (624e0b3b-ce25-e0ba-1ad9-91063270bc61)
Male - Shrug (43a5f883-a414-0061-a6ee-346f88c7e631)
Male - Stick tougue out (4957ea62-211f-d400-a8e1-69fa312affeb)
Male - Wow (4edfeadf-607b-5020-8c79-3f041e1a2e87)
Common Gestures (76c96b57-81fc-8739-f56a-60703b1dbe6f)
/bow (c6742e8b-7846-8075-a19d-0740aad8eb77)
/clap (e30ea58c-eb1d-77e8-8d19-9b94fd648d75)
/count (55599431-3230-d880-d707-3ce28913b6bf)
/extinguish (148b27f1-be14-8ebd-05a7-806e8abfa009)
/kmb (65f01c7d-c831-59f9-e711-34e99f2f5c0f)
/muscle (2ce342f8-6fdb-5234-76f9-8f41a5ce0894)
/no (64123293-5f86-b867-99fd-2ad69ffcd96c)
/no! (edaf14be-57a0-b972-24c4-9e47e0e33380)
/paper (edfe1707-f807-bcf9-8f5b-7f0246bf73c2)
/pointme (c17a8c81-37f0-ac91-77c5-5a8c9a786256)
/pointyou (be479d74-8207-bc1e-9514-a37e94ece1ca)
/rock (f0b86863-c12e-9f03-f606-a333418cf32a)
/scissor (b050b284-208e-75d4-65e1-202251af7422)
/smoke (d20a1fa9-54d4-ec9a-3d72-c562435424af)
/stretch (dd04e7a5-f4d4-1285-1a62
[8:02] MikeNIkes Dezno: 2c24cb1c35dd)
/whistle (5bdba29b-d7a4-f328-a0b4-4db6bc7f21c2)
/yes (dcc29f9c-a5c9-c343-ff56-58be80ed0483)
/yes! (38c7921d-2bbd-7b3f-55a2-b6fe3ef806e1)
afk (5169bb8a-edbb-e39c-3f86-ffc24cba89f5)
dance1 (ac094004-dfe9-4728-8b95-0b196a24ec22)
dance2 (ae471c5f-0a28-d1b3-43ba-e8c9e156a77d)
dance3 (da4a1525-f08d-2e39-f5b1-14edb151b12c)
dance4 (a5b7310e-a008-aff0-aaf1-0f211e9d7577)
dance5 (45f69a06-661c-3c3a-5e53-65ae77409fe1)
dance6 (34949978-8a05-e72a-bce3-5a6a44eaa66e)
dance7 (a3ffd68a-35f1-5989-1996-7e6d762a0c3d)
dance8 (eb9f7046-9bee-692a-5df9-707cb7e78115)
40 Couple Poses (9f761913-2637-b686-cf84-904017d6a530)
Couples 14 (f6864f3c-3c46-ae91-5719-efe80eb7d23f)
Couples 16 (3a177e7a-b24b-514e-7141-fa86d7f63f88)
Lovers 15 1 (70a56485-0f69-8d21-065d-c7b868e6e9a6)
Lovers 16 (3f29dc68-1c6c-68da-60dd-292d9fe7e1ab)
Lovers 17 (a9f101f2-5e6e-eb07-f292-9df25c1a8acc)
Lovers 18 (c7b194f7-68be-42df-f2db-68e56a7d0a62)
Lovers 18 1 (393a1f7a-3aeb-e0e8-1c9e-9b08a14f6
[8:02] MikeNIkes Dezno: 6c)
Lovers 19 (15411ab1-b19f-f2c5-449e-d14536a5afd6)
Lovers 19 1 (85859788-8be7-279b-35d1-21c9dd78d3c3)
Couples 18 (bd18eae3-40d8-094d-305e-e6a22c228059)
Lovers 19 2 (257b8773-053f-be15-0715-8568fc9ea3af)
Lovers 2 (5cf52a4c-c818-2bb6-8e5e-c9e6e6494534)
couples 19 (c65383c5-dea8-cb0e-ace9-202a4a5a8583)
Lovers 20 (4ba3c7ad-9215-9696-482b-a443d723f08f)
Lovers 20 1 (806bfc3e-a571-82ed-b7dd-d026d208c77b)
Lovers 22 (32f41e8b-4087-0b2c-3aee-ce7ea4cdd7e5)
Lovers 23 (3d8903aa-53f8-3bb8-8485-96931c409ff3)
Lovers 28 (306cc017-3d1e-b5b6-6caf-7c453dc2b0cc)
Lovers 29 (2be6e649-a607-1e33-89b5-36013ff3553b)
Lovers 3 (3bf5c331-98a6-15d0-f231-ca3075432d57)
Lovers 3 1 (e69c3a29-4903-2f15-b811-be3557aee5e2)
Lovers 4 (fd0c9dbe-081b-af0d-a3fc-20b8ce01b017)
Lovers 4 1 (c2ff29b8-3151-f00f-7938-ea0b8cd8c881)
Lovers 5 (229323fa-9eb2-082d-3a94-ffd0554d4677)
Lovers 6 (0326f490-9b52-5108-48c9-1e516087c33e)
Lovers 7 (916da844-63ac-668c-9bbf-a1add2b48561)
Vamp 3 (165e628e-c3de-58b8-b049-d140b9bec80f
[8:02] MikeNIkes Dezno:
Lusty 19 (3faf72e8-5a7d-eb15-c45d-e40b0e2c37cf)
Vamp 5 (8658ebf6-7753-46ed-7856-b15d8799d22e)
M & F lay (ee94fa99-bd3e-4b77-9455-8ffa464f0178)
Sleeping 1 (47b7e42a-4cdc-ed12-5a64-c9e22ffdfdf5)
Sleeping 8 (49611417-aec0-1183-e69b-7fe0e472121d)
Vamp 10 (9b4b361e-9778-d7d6-49cf-5af1190a6097)
Vamp 11 (c8a94843-eb88-269a-301c-e23ac433fee3)
Couples 26 (295c09f4-9c80-5701-c1e0-9a20cdcc3f91)
Couples 27 (a036194a-b664-4164-4520-90b56565993e)
Couples 28 (fafcfaa9-8bcd-3849-f5df-08c44abff27f)
hover (2ec2f490-2b46-5232-1ece-240823fe3067)
Lovers 1 (46fd394f-296c-46ae-1c03-48ff80dc7889)
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There will be a quiz on this at the end of class.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Success at last?

Not totally but i am FINALLY getting close to getting things in Mistress' magical folder to work.

There needs to be a folder for everything and everything needs to be in its folder but it gets tricky:
  • You can have folders and subfolders and the main folder can't contain anything that attaches anywhere (those need to go in a subfolder)
  • Folders with modifiable items need to be labeled one way way and...
  • Folders with no mod items are labeled and structured entirely differently.
Once the folders are set up it is really just a matter of clicking the right menu options. That took some learning for me and hopefully i did it in the same way that Mistress has become accustomed to. She will be pleased at the end of this long saga but less so if She has to re-learn what She already knows.

After all the searching and grousing and grumbling i did (silently and to myself of course) about this project and it was Mistress who eventually found what we needed to make it work (i still have some configuring to do but i truly feel like it is doable at this point instead of just lost and confused like i have been so far).

i am grateful to Her for Her patience with this. Not to undervalue the gift of Her patience but i feel like it came from Her own frustration over this. It seems so much more complicated than it needs to be. i am glad that i at least get the chance to do the actual work of moving things and getting it all labeled for Her.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tonight's major events:

Not much really.

Tonight's minor events:

i decided to rekindle an old hobby and go hunting for a newbie to befriend. my first stop was Help Island and the newest person i could find there was born in 2008. Who took all the newbies?

While i was there i saw a woman in a dress that seemed like it was very well done. It was black and had sheer red silk trim that fit just perfectly. i asked where she got it (not that Mistress allows me to wear dresses but she does allow me to browse to my heart's content) and went to look at the place - Skin Flicks.

The dress was $300L! Maybe i'm getting cheap in my old age but that seemed like a lot to me for what it was.

Speaking of old age, the search result fior Skin Flicks said they sell old people skins there:
  • i couldn't find any when i went
  • Talk about niche marketing
  • Only in SL could you talk about selling 'old people skins' and have it be perfectly appropriate.
The store adjacent to Skin Flicks (i've never used that phrase so often in such a short space of time before) had this for sale:

Seriously? There are men that care THIS much about how their SL feet look? Sheesh.