Saturday, January 24, 2009


My big activity these days is typing mantras. I have one minute to type in one of about 8 or 9 phrases that Mistress feels will help me. They must be typed correctly or it doesn't count.
  • Case sensitive
  • No extra space
  • Typed in the right channel
  • Spelling definitely counts

Once it pops up in chat, I have 1 minute to type it in and as the timer counts down, it displays it in chat:

[13:55] BaneHelmet(sk) v1.261: Please repeat the following phrase on your designated channel 8186. I am eager to share my feelings with others.

[13:55] BaneHelmet(sk) v1.261: 55 seconds left...

[13:55] BaneHelmet(sk) v1.261: 50 seconds left...

[13:55] BaneHelmet(sk) v1.261: 45 seconds left...

[13:55] BaneHelmet(sk) v1.261: Well done. Good behaviour may reduce sentence time

As it counts down I get these little light sparkles that swirl around me every five seconds. For some reason I am more acutely aware of them than I have been. They are adding to the stress of this all of a sudden. It is like Mistress is there, going 'tick tock gackty' how she sometimes does.

I guess if she is offline, a surrogate Mistress is better than none.

I still REALLY hate it when blogger decides to make things double space. I can't fix it or change it; it just is what it is. Stupid thing is more unbending than Mistress is. I am a slave to them both. Powerless, no control, hopeful...

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