Monday, January 12, 2009

A final solution?

That title sounds so ominous.

[9:07] Jacquelin Mazi: I am tired of asking how you feel... from this day forward, you are [only?]allowed to emote unless I instruct otherwise, and within these emotes you will share your feelings with me for the moment... whatever it is whenever it is however often you ... 'feel' like doing it

I've made my SL very cumbersome for myself but even more, I've made it frustrating for Mistress.

How can I keep logging in knowing in advance that I am going to make things worse? I should be pleased at the chance to please Mistress and I know that with my best effort, I will fail her and she will be given less than she deserves. I want to give her success and triumph and I give her loss and pain.

I hate this suit but I know that I deserve it.

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