Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Doing a little profile 'house cleaning'

Mistress has asked me to restore my profile and given me some guidance on how she'd like it, including picks, a few details here and there and what groups to display.

It just occurred to me that most of my groups have really no meaning to me. A few are there for practical reasons (KamRain Bay Residence group and the Restrained Life group for example) and I have some that I kept for freebies (Ivalde).

Oops. I just got kicked out of SL. I hate that. Minding my own business, working on my profile and they tell me "You have been logged out of SL." Well how about an explanation? Maybe an apology or some kind of advance notice? Sheesh. Anyway...

It is odd to me that most of my groups have nothing at all to do with me and who I am and what I enjoy. When I first began this, the conclusion was going to be that 'I left these groups and joined these.' But now I am faced with my familiar conundrum of fearing to take too much liberty with something. I believe that this time I will err on the side of doing something rather than doing nothing.

I am leaving the groups that I feel are no longer relevant - I have one from as ski shop for goodness sake - and I will keep the important one and the the ones that are 'me' but the others will be deleted.

Ugh. Sometimes I make things so difficult for myself. I was deleting the groups that aren't 'me' and with a stray mouse click, I removed myself from Mistress' group. Twice! It was an innocent mistake but a sloppy one that could have been avoided quite easily. It happened because:

  • I was sloppy
  • When you delete a group, the remaining groups 'slide' up or down, depending on where you are in the list or...
  • ... the list 'reloads' and displays from them all starting with 'None' at the top of the list but the selected group is not necessarily visible
  • I was too easily confused
  • I wasn't focusing enough on what I was doing
  • I wasn't being careful

I rejoined (twice) but I am sure that I'll be hearing about this. when we first met, Mistress said something like 'You are your own worst enemy.' She was right then and would be right now.

So now that I've left the groups I wanted to and re-joined the one I need to (twice), I will start looking for better groups to be a part of. Ones that are 'me.' One of the very few shows I watch on TV is The Office and there is a Dunder Mifflin Paper group in SL. I like to read so I am in the Bantam Dell Book Cafe group. These are groups that will be a reflection of me and my tastes and interests. These are the types of groups that really deserve a spot on my profile.

After today, maybe I should look for some klutz recovery groups.

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