Monday, January 19, 2009

Before and after a simple question

Mistress has a gift for getting right to the heart of things without letting on what she is doing or asking. Every question she asks is potentially terrifying.

[10:14] Jacquelin Mazi: I wonder... are you a robot?

I was at a loss and felt an urge to answer quickly and with something at least a little intelligent sounding. In other words I thought. I answered that I was not and she pointed out that even though I was expressing emotion with nearly every sentence I typed, the way that I was expressing myself was as dull as a butter knife:

[9:39] Emilee Gackt feels foolish.
[9:42] Emilee Gackt feels more nervous.
[9:44] Emilee Gackt feels loss.
[9:49] Emilee Gackt feels confused and worried.

She deserves better from me and I am certainly capable of giving it to her.

[10:25] Emilee Gackt senses a wave of regret...
[10:27] Emilee Gackt trembles at your sudden outburst...
[10:28] Emilee Gackt melts like a burning candle...

All of a sudden things are more colorful. I actually FEEL more when I describe what I feel more vividly. All of a sudden expressing emotion is so simple and so natural. Act and react to what is presented to me. What do I feel, really? Taking the time to put things into more detail helps me FEEL the details.

Mistress is an amazing person.

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