Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A slow start

Or is it better called a re-start?

I sat for a long time, waiting for Mistress and I began to wonder what I would do if I logged in at a time that I was not likely to see her, like when she would be at work.

I decided that I really wasn't sure.
  • Shopping is different now since all I have comes from her. Maybe it would be better to say that all I will get comes from her and she allows me to keep what I already have.
  • Scramble is different too. It seems frivolous somehow and just like with shopping, the money I win wouldn't really be mine anyway.
  • Helping newbies seems noble enough but it is hard to be proactive with that; it is more a waiting game so to speak. If someone were to ask, I would devote all that I could to helping.

I don't really want to wait for Mistress to tell me what is allowed and disallowed but I at the same time I feel like I need a nudge (or a kick?) in the right direction. I suppose it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to nudge myself.

It doesn't much help that the time zone I am in is soooo far from the US, especially the east coast. Oh well.

This post is much more negative than I intended it to sound. let me summarize and see if I can put a more positive spin on it.

I'm not quite sure how to start again and I don't want to wait for Mistress to tell just what to do. Because she deserves more than a robot, I need to get myself motivated and be proactive about being pleasing to her.

I am still haunted (sounds dramatic, doesn't it?) by the need to constantly be typing mantras.


Jaan Dubrovna said...

I have a suggestion. What about a place to just hangout and chat and make some friends. I have just the place. G took me dancing at a place called Romance,Love and Discipline.

It is a nice place and the people are nice and no one would think twice about your lifestyle.

It is not a dungeonlike place either--well, I could tell you about it but you should just check it out.



Jaan Dubrovna said...

oh, and it isn't a dance place either. Sorry if I gave that impression.