Sunday, January 25, 2009

The magic number

[1:07] Jacquelin Mazi: you have 6 hours and 15 minutes remaining in your sentence

1:07 am SL time + 6:15 = 7:22 am SL time if I stay connected until then. That would be... about... 11:22 pm my time.

[1:14] Jacquelin Mazi: I approve of your recent blogs... they show signs of learning and understanding.... it is difficult to disobey now hm?

If she only knew how I feel... but then that's my job isn't it? To MAKE her know how I feel?

[1:16] Emilee Gackt begins quickly and instantly to agree and is called away by her mantra. "Disobedience = distance Mistress. It equals pain and loss and hurt. I've been a bad person and I am grateful for your patience and wisdom. I owe you much more than obedience."

Difficult? No. It is impossible to disobey.

[1:18] Jacquelin Mazi: The closer you get to the end of your sentence Bane E-8186... the more your own rebellious nature will vanish...... with each tick of the clock you become more and more Mine... without the hint of resistance and without a moments hesitation.... action and reaction... from your heart.... instinct.... no willpower at all hm?

Is she asking me or telling me? No willpower? That sounds a bit sinister but my willpower has been replaced with a desire to be what she wants me to be and who she wants. To be that person, willpower has to be made irrelevant.

[1:33] Emilee Gackt looks into your eyes through her fogged helmet. "I have been touched by you Mistress, by your kindness and wisdom and grace. I was so worried about messing up today and you saved me. I remember so long ago how I looked forward to feeling the way I do now and here it is, finally and so much of what I feel is gratitude. I am full of wonder and longing. I feel refreshed and new and I love you Mistress."

Oh great. I am this close and SL decides to restart the region I've been plunked into. Bugger SL.

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