Tuesday, January 27, 2009


A bane's profile is pretty blank, just stating only the most basic facts. Reinstating everything to be like it was is turing out to be more than just copying and pasting. Something that simple implies picking up where I left off before.

It is different now and it seems like the change in me deserves a new profile. It isn't so easy though. It isn't my profile, it belongs to Mistress.

I guess if it were mine, I'd probably change the text on the main page of it, maybe do a pick and delete the rest. Maybe just leaving it all blank is more of a symbol that it doesn't belong to me - a symbol to me at least.

I have got to be making this too hard. I don't want to have endured that awful suit and appear to have emerged the same as I was going in. I don't know... I'll ask Mistress what she would like in her slave's profile.

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