Friday, October 10, 2008

Tonight in SL

I saw Jan's name on my list when I logged in so I sent her an IM first thing. I always do that so we get as much time as we can before Mistress logs in. I forgot, again, part of my punishment:

[2008/10/09 21:13] Emilee Gackt: *** IM blocked by sender's viewer

Oops. So we chatted on google chat for an hour or so. It was such a lovely talk and she proved again what a caring and committed friend she is.

When Mistress logged on I did what I always do. In RL I mean. When I see her name pop up in that blue box my heart immediately quickens and I usually mutter something like 'Oh jeez!' and then if I am not at home I press CTRL-shift-H and TP home right away.

We talked a bit about my punishment and whether it was as it needed to be. Next time I need to talk more about how I feel about it. Duh. That's what this entire thing is about.

I talked with two people at the same time and one of them was a budding philosopher. Maybe a psychologist. Maybe a loon...

[8:21] Samantha Littlething: Well the heart might point a compas like direction but it's the brain that decided to take the paved or unpaved path

That's beautiful.

She went on and on like this. Sometimes it is a blessing to be patient with people, even though you just want to grab them and throttle them and tell them to shut up and listen. Mistress felt she WAS listening. My distinction about that is that she was hearing my words but she was too busy planning her next oration to actually listen to what I was saying.

Anyway, for next time I need to include my feelings. I am grateful to Mistress for this exercise.

Funny that I called it an exercise. I see this as much more of a project than a punishment, at least this part of it.

Jan said so many wonderful things tonight. What a dear and insightful friend. She is beginning to value Mistress in my life and see how I benefit so much from being with her. I didn't realize it until recently but Jan and I have both been reaping therapeutic benefits from SL. Jan I knew, but I have just been realizing that I have been doing the same.

Tonight it was Mistress who was tired.

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Jaan Dubrovna said...

Ouch! Is Mistress going to be pissed to find out we are using Google chat to get around her punishment? Are you sure you want to make that public in your blog? I don't want things to get even worse for you.