Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jan, Jan and more Jan.

We got about 90 minutes together. It's nice when that much time goes so fast. Wait... it's not nice that is DOES, it's nice that it can.

I won some more Lindens and am patiently waiting on Mistress' approval on one or more of a few possible purchases. If she says I can buy any of them, it's going to be like an addict getting another shot or snort or whatever they do. I'll be all sweaty as I am going into the store and then as I am waiting for SL to deliver the goods, I'll get all shaky and jittery and then once I get it, I'll make this pathetic groaning sound and slump down in a corner with a vacant look on my face, wondering when my next fit of shopping will take place. It won't matter though because I will be too high on my new pair of pants to really think much about it. All that matters is that I shopped.

Do I have a shopping problem? No. Definitely not.

I must confess though that I find myself mildly irked that Mistress asked me to help Dina - our frequently disappearing new friend - with her clothes but doesn't trust me enough to let me buy my own things unless she approves first.

Oh well. Fill in the blanks: Sometimes it _____ to be a _____.

Now the easy version: Someti_es it suck_ to be a sl_ve.

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