Saturday, October 11, 2008

I either need to do it here or send a 38MB email

Mistress mentioned that she didn't like the cuffs that bekkers has on and asked me to research some new ones. She asked me for this too long ago for me to even remember and I am once again grateful for Mistress' patience.

How many pictures can I put in blogger?

These are the nicest looking ones I found but it doesn't look like they are RLV compatible. Trilobitewear, $300L.

Interesting. It has cuffs, so technically it counts I guess, right? RF, $425.

This isn't cuffs but it is more just an interesting idea. From RF, $400L.

This one is sort of cuffs, but again more of an interesting idea than a viable possibility. Also RF, also $400L.

These are cuffs! It didn't look like they were RLV compatible though but they are certainly pretty. Also RF, $200L.

These are cuffs also (duh!), I didn't see an option for leg cuffs but this set includes two cuffs instead of just one like the RR ones below.

These aren't really cuffs but more like a rack I guess. From Master & Slave.

These aren't cuffs either but they will accomplish pretty much the same thing. Real Restraint Straps. They have one set for the arms and one for the legs, $180L each.

This one is a little tricky to figure out. They are handcuffs but it looks like there is a plugin to create two sets of them, one for the wrists and one for the elbows. The cuffs are $250L and the plugin is $150L.

No Mistress, no Jan tonight but at least their absence gave me the chance to finish this. And when I say 'finish' I mean round 1 is done. I am sure Mistress will have some input on the whole thing.

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