Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jan has been helping me with my new career as a dancer. She gave me a bunch of new dance anims last night - at least 10 - and took me shopping for something to wear. I still need to get a bit more comfortable with this part of it but the big challenge is going to be the more expressive part of it.

Last night there were all dancers and no audience at the club and tonight there is (so far) no dancers and ALL audience. The only one interacting publicly with anyone else was the DJ, Kathern.

Tonight I got the help I really needed from Mistress - what to say, HOW to say it, how much to say, why to say it, who to say it to... of course it wasn't as cut and dried as I have just made it sound. It was much more of a learn by doing lesson but at this point I feel much more prepared to actually go and do it.

It's funny how Mistress gives me these things to do that I just dread and then I end up so grateful to her for helping me with the huge challenge that I am faced with.

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