Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last week I bought some flavored sparkling water to give my daily water ration some variety. I got key lime and blackberry just as a start to see if I even like the stuff. It is in bigger bottles than a standard water bottle but if I liked it, I figured it would be worth it.When I told Mistress about it she made a comment that it was a bit 'free' of me to just go and do that without even asking her.

What she said made me realize that we are farther apart than I felt we were. In her mind she owns my ability to decide what to drink. In my mind it is just a simple choice - this water or that water.

What about getting freebies? I 'bought' a few things today and then it occurred to me that I really ought to ask Mistress first. I am sure her first reaction would be that no girl of hers is going to run around in freebies but these are actually nice looking.

Same as above - Mistress owns my look and my inventory. She LETS me have clothes and shoes, etc. My response should be to thank her for what I have instead of asking for more and complaining.

I've been given this week to get things sorted out. There is only one real choice at the end of the week although she listed a few. I blogged a few days ago that I have to figure this out and that was the first choice she gave me. Not in so many words but that was the heart of it.

She is a brilliant, fascinating person.

SL is crashing my computer less but freezing up more.

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