Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I did a trick I learned from Jan tonight. I was tired when I got home from work so I just went to bed after dinner and got up at 11 or so and logged in to SL. No Mistress but Jan logged in just after I did and we did some catching up and found a dancing outfit. That was her weekly gift to Emilee. *Smiles*

I went to the club just after I logged in and the only people there were 5 dancers - all House of V people - and 3 Goreans. The Gor people were pretty much off by themselves and seemed not to be interested in the dancers, who were ignoring them anyway. When Jan logged in I figured that I wouldn't be missing much at the club so she took me shopping.

After that we did a little outfit comparing and such but the whole time I was trying to suppress this worry that I haven't seen Mistress since Friday. I am too paranoid sometimes but that week when we were apart was kind of icky and not seeing her for so long is a vivid reminder.

Anyway, I had a great first day at work and was almost a celebrity. People kept peeking into the training room to see me. I am really glad to be back there.

SL hasn't crashed like it has for kind of a long time which is good news but here is some new SL wonkiness - the buttons along the bottom of the screen all disappeared tonight so I can't record my login times. Just so I have them down somewhere, they are in at 11:22pm and out at 1:21 am.

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