Friday, October 24, 2008

I logged in to work on some assignments and saw Rachelle for a fleeting instant. I will be needing her help to keep from being laughed off the stage when I start my dancing career.

My sister called tonight. She has been in Afghanistan for the last year or so and the Army has made it nearly impossible for her to tell me when she is coming home. She called tonight (Thursday) to tell me that she is coming home tomorrow (Friday). Ack!

She of course has the same mom I do and so the only home she has to come home to is my home. Of course she is welcome but the last she told me, she said she would be home right around Thanksgiving. Ack!

We've been furiously preparing a room for her and putting together Ikea furniture. Once she gets settled things should get back to normal fairly quickly, although what 'normal' looks like is still up in the air since I'm starting my new job on Monday. I am picturing lots of reeeeally late nights and groggy afternoons.

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