Friday, October 10, 2008

Punishment conversations

The conversation I had yesterday was a bust because I forgot part of what I was supposed to say and because I just happened to pick Chatty Kathy to talk to.

Today I talked to a Master from Holland. Or was it the Netherlands? Are those the same country? Anyway he seemed very terse but you can never be sure in SL. It's impossible to discern tone of voice from text typed in a chat box but he listened and seemed to understand what I was saying.

I talked to a Mistress from somewhere in Europe. That is just a guess but she clearly didn't speak English as a first language. She also listened but I am not quite sure she really understood me. She asked me at least once if I was going be her sub.

The last person I talked to was a male submissive. He was the REALLY submissive sort. He had some kind of silky Gorean looking thing on and a collar and was in a permanent kneel. He apologized to a woman behind me for not kneeling at her feet which was odd since she hadn't asked him to, at least not in chat. Anyway, the good news is that he really seemed to listen to me.

I was with Mistress for a while this morning. She pointed out that I am doing it again with the not sharing feelings problem. I need to be looking at EVERY sentence she says for an opportunity to express my feelings to her. That's easy to say here but it will be a challenge for me in SL. I just know it.

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