Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where are your manners?

[10:26] RR Ballgag 1.13.1 whispers: Sorry Clemence, you can't manipulate Emilee's RR Ballgag 1.13.1

I have always been shocked at how some people leave their manners in RL when they come into SL. In RL there is the usual drollery to deal with, mostly just people talking to my boobs. In SL it goes way beyond that. People say the most absurdly rude things sometimes and even click other avatars. In RL, that behavior would get a person arrested.

I guess there is this safety that anonymity creates for people in SL. For the most part it's a good thing and is what lets SL be the parallel universe that it is for people but the percent of abusers seems so high. Oh well. The bad parts of SL make the good parts even better.

Speaking of making things even better - this has nothing whatsoever to do with SL - I made some brownies last night and I used this pan to bake them in:

Be warned though - this pan will ruin all other brownies for you.

I downloaded the new version of SL and it seems as good as it is bad. The search function is less effective than the old one but I do like how it saves IMs from your last login and how you can click names in chat to see their profile. I don't like how I have crashed 3 times already.

I spent another mostly frustrating hour or so in SL. Maybe frustrating isn't the right word. I see so many people who can be ANYTHING they want to be in SL and it is sad that they settle for so little.

I find myself hesitiant sometimes when I do see someone who stands out from the crowd. I worry about the relationships I already have and wonder how many friends I have the time to properly care for.

Ack! I'm down to 98 prims! When I rented this place I was so sure that 500 prims would be so much more than enough. Now I have 98 left and haven't even finished the bedroom! As I said before, ack!

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