Friday, July 18, 2008

I remembered what it was I forgot from yesterday

SL is a bugger. How could I forget that? There are so many constant reminders! I spent some time and effort (more effort than time really) on a project yesterday and SL undid everything I did. I had to make a bunch of pictures copiable so I went through each one clicking Properties > Allow Anyone to Copy, Next Owner Can: Modify and Copy.

I'm not 100% sure which of those really needs to be clicked in order to drag and drop a texture into a notecard but the point is that I clicked each one four times and there were about 12 pictures. That's 48 mouse clicks that SL owes me. Will I ever see those mouse clicks again? Pfft! Will I get to relive those precious minutes of my life ever again? Seems doubtful. Thanks to the Lindens for squandering away my life, minute by minute.

I had a nice talk with Rachelle this morning. I have this (probably very conceited) idea that I look at Rachelle the same way that Jaan looks at me - as a kind, friendly, thoughtful resource. I'm lucky to have her which of course means Jaan is lucky to have me. Heck, anyone would be lucky to have me but I consider myself even luckier to have the people lucky enough to have me in their lives than they are to have me in theirs.

What a perfectly constructed sentence that was!

I bought a kitchen set a couple of weeks ago. I got the good kind with sex poses in the sink and my goodness has that been convenient. But the really great thing is that the microwave oven door swings open to reveal a bowl of soup all steamy and hot. It would be delicious too if only I liked... whatever kind of soup it is. It's either pingpong ball soup, dirty golf ball soup, jawbreaker soup or the most dreaded soup of all, eyeball soup.

I suppose the least worst would be jawbreaker soup but the jawbreakers would dissolve in the broth and make it all sugary and gross. Oh well. Bon apetit to moi!

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