Friday, July 18, 2008

Almost, again

It seems like I keep meeting people who are so ALMOST perfect. Common interests, same times online but there is one fatal flaw like they don't speak English. Sheesh.

I worked on my list of 'Wants' some more today. What an odd thing it is to list things that you want for someone who you know will do her best to give you those things. I am wondering how ambitious I should be with these 5 wants.

I am also wishing that I didn't have to make this list. Really, I have so few needs and to list wants seems sort of like an excess for me. But also and most of all, I wish Mistress didn't worry that I am unfulfilled.

I FINALLY got some decent time to spend with Jaan. I told her about my raging addiction to meth and she just laughed. Oh well. Anywa, I had planned on getting her something nice for her new skybox but she only had 2 prims left. Somehow it worked out that SHE bought ME a gift. It was so sweet of her and so unexpected.

This is so annoying. When I sat down to right this I had a list of things to cover and now I can't remember what was on the list or even if what I've typed so far was on it. I suppose tomorrow's blog entry will be that much longer.

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