Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stupid computer.

I'm just TPing around looking for some furniture and all of a sudden my screen just goes black. About 5 seconds later there was a flicker, then that blue screen that looks like computers did in the 80s. Something about memory dumping and of course the screen changes before I can read any more of it. It went black again and just kept trying to start up. Over and over and over...

I just turned it off and went storming off to bed and didn't sleep a wink. A few lessons I learned yesterday:

  1. Don't buy an HP laptop.
  2. Don't shop at Circuit City.
  3. Stay away from that witch named Carole at the Circuit City on Chandler Blvd by the mall.
  4. If you are forced to ignore a problem because Circuit City only hires buffoons, it just might go away.

So here I am back on my mysteriously working HP laptop that I wish I had bought any where besides Circuit City. I just turned it on and it seems to be fine which makes me feel oh so confident that it won't blow up again in two minutes.

Maybe my computer didn't like the clothes I had on in SL.

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Chili Theas said...

Just a halfway educated guess since it "repaired" itself... it might have overheated. Make sure the grilles are free, especially on the underside, i.e. don't put it on soft surfaces.