Saturday, July 26, 2008

Do these have to have a title?

Drew? Again? SERIOUSLY?!?!

That is one skinny, persistent girl. If I was the type to say things like 'OMG' I would be saying it now.

A couple of things that should have been blogged this week that weren't:

Chili Theas was so kind and thoughtful this week; she IM'd to say that she had a brief chat with someone who might make a good addition for Mistress. I had a conversation with her (Fiona Laminsk is her name) that was also very brief. That girl just wants to be left alone.

I had another conversation with someone and I know I kept a note of it but for the life of me I can't find it. She saw that I was in the Banishment groups and had the idea that Mistress Might like another, less severe alterenative to that; she sent me some notecards all about a court and prison system set up to carry out punishments. I promised her that I would send it along to Mistress but completely gackt it until just now. Oops.

Ah! I found it! Bel Junkers was her name!

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Chili Theas said...

Fiona is sort of waiting for Domme Right. I told her that I thought she was waiting for some overpowering experience and she agreed; that was my reasoning for calling you in. In any case sorry to hear Fiona was a blank. As I told you, it was a mere hunch.