Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SL still wonked, chairs still magical

Now I have either 165 or 96 prims left, so the chairs and table are either 0 or 2 prims. That makes me either glad or glad and either concerned or concerned. Am I going to all of a sudden run out of prims? Is there a way to right click an object in SL and see how many prims it is? Is there a way for SL not to be so thoroughly wonked?

I have a pretty well organized inventory but I have so many items - something like 4000+. I was doing some organizing and deleting and it's odd how things in inventory can be almost like the pages of a scrapbook. I was going through some old LMs - TPing to the places to see if they were even still there. Each time a place would rez, my mind would skip back to the people I shared time with there. Every now and then there would be one that would be new to me and I would wonder if I'd even even been there before.

I saw this profile today:

Things to know about Kevin Buckler:
If Kevin is late, time better slow the fuck down
Kevin doesnt play the lottery. It doesnt have nearly enough balls
There is no 'ctrl' button on Kevin's computer. Kevin Buckler is always in control.
If at first you dont succeed, you are obviously not Kevin
Kevin puts the laughter in manslaughter
Jesus can walk on water, but Kevin can walk on Jesus
It takes Kevin 20 minutes to watch 60 Minutes
Kevin can eat a rubix cube and poop it out solved

I have a guess and an addition to this profile.

My guess: Kevin Buckler 'borrowed' the text for his profile from the Internet
(http://www.dahl-lumholt.dk/Chuck-Norris.html), which is not necessarily a bad thing.

My addition: Kevin Buckler doesn't know what a pronoun is.

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Chili Theas said...

ROFL... I damn nearly fell out of my chair laughing.