Thursday, July 31, 2008

Security orbs, etc.

These things are pretty neat. They make a 3D map of the whole sim and use little floating dots to represent any avatars in the sim. The dots change color depending on how far the avatar is from the orb, sensor, etc.

The ones I looked at weren't too expensive; one was only $500L. I did see one that seemed a bit ominous. It had options for things to do to the person unfortunate enough to fly into your sim; you can blind them, launch them and so on. Seems a bit more than we're looking for.

Another one guaranteed that your neighbors wouldn't be attacked by your security system. It seems like anything that makes a guarantee like that should be handled carefully. I sent a few IMs to builders of these. Your gackty news team will bring you all the important developments as they develop!

Jaan's first pair of pants for her only (so far) client is a smashing success!

MLE Strikes a pose:

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