Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A scramble sentence

A sentence made from some of my scramble words:

The defection of the enlightened handmade nutcrackers caused the sweepstake officials to feel even queasier than they did during the magnificently handled botulism scare of '06, during which the extent of what they would need to amputate was found to be favorable.

I was with bekkers for a bit last night. Actually mistress was with her and I just watched. Mistress has a knack for this mistressing thing. Bekkers was defiant at first but is at this point is about as compliant and meek as you could imagine, which isn't much of a surprise really given her plight.

I'm not sure what she did but she must have done something inspirational. I've never seen Mistress treat someone so coldly as she is treating poor bekkers.

I finally got to talk with another prospective slave that Mistress is considering. Her name is Tapegirl and Mistress and I already have a nickname for her. She seems nice but is more of a bekkers than she is a gackt.

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