Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jan found me ANOTHER new Scramble place

They have three games going all at once. One is Scramble with some bizarro words! One appears to alternate between trivia and a vocabulary game and the other is that crypto game I blogged about before.

I made almost $100L there just today but there is so much information constantly popping up in chat so it's almost like I really EARNED those Lindens.

Speaking of Jan, I was with her tonight when my computer suffered its latest breakdown. About every month it just blows up and won't reboot. I get all sorts of errors and such but so far the only cure I have found for it is just leaving for a while and thinking happy thoughts about it.

Voila... I'm back!

Jan and I were shopping again when I poofed. She seemed to be in gift mode again. She is sweet thing and a wonderful friend.

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