Monday, September 15, 2008

This one is beyond me

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[14:46] Papp's NumCrypt v0.03: (1l$) current crypto: AB x CBC = BDC + ABE + BDCEE = BDFAC Clues: E=0, D=2, C=4
[14:46] You: 12034
[14:47] Papp's NumCrypt v0.03: no one solved this calculation: 31 x 414 = 124 + 310 + 12400 = 12834

All that work and the MOST I can get is 1 (ONE?) Linden? Sheesh. I'll stick with Scramble.

Sometimes they are just TOO easy:

[14:50] Scramble Club V1.3: MNAHOY (n.) One who navigates a hoy.
[14:50] You: hoyman
[14:50] Scramble Club V1.3: Congratulations Emilee Gackt just won L$1 playing Scramble! The word was 'HOYMAN'.

In the next episode, we'll learn what a hoy is and why it needs navigating.

I was with Mistress this morning. How lucky I am to have such a flexible schedule. She got an IM from another potential slave and I was once again thoroughly impressed by her patience and kindess. She has given the SAME speech and asked the SAME questions dozens of time and is still polite and respectful to everyone she meets, each of whom wants the exact same thing from her.

Oh my goodness! Jan was right about the cat at this Scramble place. I need a huge mallet to flatten this thing!

Anyway... I feel such a burden when Mistress tells these potentials that they need to impress me. ME?

A. I am too easily impressed
B. ME? Why me?
C. How come I can't just mind my own business and do my assignments and have fun? Why do I have to make decisions that will affect other people? **See below.
D. Of course I know the answer to that... it is the same as the answer to ANY SL question. Because Mistress wants it that way.

Philosophy time:
If I touch one of those 'Touch to find your height' things and I get no result... do I exist?

This is nice... I found a spybot in the house today. Thank goodness it was the SL house and not the RL house. What a creepy thing to do or even just to make. It hasn't been there long so the creepy scumbag (Peter Frampton) who did it is going to get an abuse report.

Rain (she is the landlord of maison de gackt) came by and removed it. It turns out that Peter Frampton was her ex-partner from SL and he was spying on her, not me. According to Rain he left SL long ago. This used to be their house and she believes that he put it in to spy on her when they shared the house.

[15:41] Rain Coalcliff: ...he was the one that ran around , not me

[15:41] You: Well good riddance then

[15:41] Rain Coalcliff: I never ever did but he

[15:41] Rain Coalcliff: it is the guilty ones who are suspicious

[15:41] Emilee Gackt nods and looks around suspiciously.

[15:42] You: Thanks for de-bugging the place.

I checked Pete's last login and it looks like it must have been at least... oh gosh MINUTES since he was here last. He was online at some point on 9/15/08.

The gackty mind reels... was Peter REALLY Rain's partner? Did her spy on her? Are Peter and Rain the same person? Was Rain spying on Peter? If so, wouldn't it have been easier to just get a mirror? Can you legally partner yourself in SL? Am I really so gullible to believe all this? Is the word gullible really not in the dictionary?

** ADDENDUM: Is it the place of a mere slave to make decsions? It isn't. Is it the place of a slave to give her Mistress her feeling and insights about someone of something? Absolutely.

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