Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This one’s kind of embarrassing.

If I follow her logic, the idea is that because I did something dumb, then I should sound dumb.

I can’t find any loopholes on this one either so I guess we could call this a warning, an FYI, or a heads up.

Until further notice, each sentence that I utter, mutter, whisper, shout, speak or say must not include the word ‘I’ as in ‘I’m sorry Mistress’ but it MUST include the word ‘me.’

I can emote but if I do, the sentence must still have the word ‘me and not ‘I.’ the /me doesn't count.

Oh – the 'me' must be in lower case too.

I can’t talk like a normal person in IM either. That’s been turned off for now.

Ponder that a moment. Every sentence must include the word ‘me’ but not ‘I.’ If it doesn’t I get zapped.

After today I’ve pretty much had enough of being zapped.

She gave me the option of blogging that way or not. That last sentence would have been zappless.

It’s trickier than it sounds. Most of the time today when I would type anything I would switch to emoting grammar. I wasn’t emoting but it is so deeply entrenched as a habit to change the grammar of a sentence from 1st person to 3rd person when I start it with that /me.


Me am not looking forward to this. me will feel ridiculous. In fact, me already do.
Me know me will get zapped some more. me say ugh!

I forgot the most important part of all this. Mistress doesn't like repeating herself and gives me rules for a reason. If I have a problem with following any of them she is certainly reasonable enough to listen to what I have to say. I just didn't say anything.

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Jaan Dubrovna said...

Oh Emilee, I am so sorry about this. I know this one will be hard. I want you to know that I love you dear and my heart is with you.