Monday, September 29, 2008

Saw Jan, crashed

Does one of these things cause the other?

This was one of those crashes where you don't realize it as first. You just keep typing and typing and typing and the you are so impressed that the person you're talking to has such good listening skills. And then you wait for a reply or try to move and... nothing.

I guess I really can't blame SL this time. Apparently our cable went out and took SL with it. I seem to be back on now so Jan... come on back. Jan? JAN! Come back here this instant!

Well a little Jan is far preferable to no Jan. I stayed and won a few more Lindens while I waited for Mistress.

1 comment:

Jaan Dubrovna said...

"Jan... come on back. Jan? JAN! Come back here this instant!"

You are so funny Emilee. You make me laugh.

I would have come back, you just didn't holler loud enough. I share your sentiment, a little Emilee is better than no Emilee