Sunday, September 21, 2008

This punishment

I keep forgetting about the second part of this punishment, the part about having IMs turned off. That part of it is so different than the big part, the me me me part.

Having IMs turned off is so easy for me to forget, even from one minute to the next. It is such a deeply ingrained habit to click that IM button and it is SO easy to forget not to. And it is SO embarrassing to get that message back:

[0:28] Emilee Gackt: *** IM blocked by sender's viewer
[0:28] Second LifeSecond Life: *** IM blocked by your viewer

I once replied to a group IM when I was blocked. THAT was embarrassing! It was the Obama for President group and once that message went to the ENTIRE group, there was a flurry of IMs from people wondering why I was blocked from IM and if I knew I was blocked, well then why on earth would I reply to a group IM?

That was a good question. I still have no real good answer.

Being blocked from IM makes SL a bit solitary but Jan and I are close enough that I could just appear in her house unannounced and not cause a stir. Otherwise, for more public places there is always the dreaded chat box.

It is part two of the punishment that is so... I am still at a loss about what word to use for it. This is the most personal punishment Mistress has come up with yet. It is embarrassing and I am sure Jan would say it is demeaning, but it is a really very unique way for Mistress to stay in my thoughts. Every sentence I speak, I think of her. It is impossible not to.

It's that juxtaposition that makes this punishment so clever. I hate it, I sound completely ridiculous and with every word, I think of Mistress and so I love it and I try to make the verb agree with the noun in each sentence I type, just so it is as close to proper English as I can make it.

Mistress has this mantra, slogan, jingle, motto, etc. that she likes. She says 'Sometimes it sucks to be a slave.' It doesn't suck right now really. I am happy with her and happy with Jan. I am busy with all the things Mistress has given me to do, but I wouldn't say it sucks at all. Not that I am disagreeing with Mistress of course! If she says it sucks, then it sucks, no questions asked.

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