Sunday, September 21, 2008

Remnants of the missing blog

me didn't do the missing blog in 'me' speak (Mespeak? Memish? Mench? Menglish?) but me really need the practice.

me asked Mistress if me could start getting an allowance (me was joking when me asked, but still hopeful). Her answer to me:

[9:02] Jacquelin Mazi: LEHLON - the answer to your question
[9:03] Emilee Gackt smiles. "If me unscramble that do me get a Linden Mistress?"
[9:03] Jacquelin Mazi: tick tock.....
[9:04] You: me feels in might be 'Hell no' Mistress.
[9:04] Jacquelin Mazi: Congratulations Emilee Gackt, you have won this round in 45 seconds.
[9:05] Emilee Gackt smiles. " me usually only gets one Linden Mistress. Did you mean to send $18L?"
[9:05] Jacquelin Mazi: yes lil gackty one.... you have earned $18 L

No allowance, but a minor windfall; me have $518L now!

Mistress took me to a latex store to look at some things she needed for someone else. We saw this really brutal contraption that me remember going from a pierce in the nose to a pierce in the lip and it had a post in between to keep the wearer's mouth open. me remember seeing a few other piercing-related things there.

Mistress sent me home and told me to wait while she went and got something she needed. Before she left though she said something about having me pierced. me was... interested in what Mistress had in mind.

What ME had in mind were all the terrible things me had just seen at the shop we had been at.

When Mistress finally came home she did pierce me but only after a bit of torment and all sorts of insinuations about where me'd be peirced and what me'd be pierced with.

Mistress isn't really so bad; in fact me like her quite a lot.

This will make it hard for me to wear skirts, but not impossible; me will have to find another place to attach them for now.

me found a loophole in my new speech mode. If me just type a random 'me' at the end of a sentence that doesn't include the 'I' word (that's a hard word to abbreviate), me have technically done nothing wrong. me will give an example:

Newbies need a lot of help, me.

me am quite sure this loophole will be very short-lived.

Ways me spelled 'pierce' in this blog:

me saw Razian for a bit tonight and me got zapped twice in 15 minutes. me need more practice with this if me am going to ever get it right.

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