Sunday, September 28, 2008

This one just missed the big post about Mistress

I've had kind of an unusual week to say the least. A few things conspired this week that have kept me from completing everything that Mistress required of me.

She was of course very understanding but when she boiled it down, it really did look like I had a lot of time to do not a lot of things for her. I tried to explain briefly why I hadn't finished everything and she replied with this:

"...the OTHER thing I really hate? oh maybe I should start numbering them.... stupid people.... repeating myself.... and excuses"

You really need to know her better to get an idea of the way this was presented and you need to know my and my relationship with her to know how I took it. I am sure that an outsider would see that and think 'What a meanie!" I look at it as very useful and valuable information.

I am glad she shared that with me but a bit disappointed with myself that she HAD to share it.

Mistress did a 20 questions things in reverse.

She said this...

[1:10] Jacquelin Mazi nods: "So I got something today.... that directly relates to my gackty one"

... and then took forever to finally tell me what it was.

[1:10] Emilee Gackt: Yes Mistress?[1:10] Jacquelin Mazi: oh? you are curious? do you remember your gorean training at all?[1:11] Emilee Gackt lowers her eyes. "This girl has forgotten how that trait is so unbecoming in a kajira Mistress. This girl apologizes and begs to be fed bugs for a month."

When she finally told me I was awash with feelings. She got a book(s?) on hypnotism. A friend told me about SL hypnotism long ago. I am kind of scared, kind of excited, nervous for sure but mostly curious. Add skeptical to the list too. It is nice that Mistress and I share the trust that makes things like this workable for us.

(By the way, she didn't feed me bugs.)

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