Friday, September 19, 2008


I blogged and blogged and blogged this morning (actually it was this afternoon but it was ABOUT this morning) and every word of it is gone!

It's not in drafts either. Just gone.

My addendum to a previous post is there, just not my post from earlier today which I did just after the addendum.

I had a problem when blogger would try to autosave what I had already typed; it displayed some error so quick-on-her-feet Emilee Gackt pasted all of it into Word and typed it up there, then pasted it back into blogger. Once I confirmed that it was there (via the 'View Blog' button) I deleted the Word doc. Oy!

I talked to Jan tonight. She wasn't entirely pleased about my predicament in SL because she loves me. It was a lovely conversation and she is no closer to 'getting it' but might be closer to getting that these things are OK with me.

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