Monday, August 25, 2008

Well now I've done it

Mistress has asked me to get her approval before I buy something. I've been saving my Lindens for something nice that I hoped that she'd like.

I've been looking for some better heels; the ones I have just aren't 'me,' you know?

So I saw a pair, took a pic, got the price and then noticed that right next to those was a set of earrings in the sort of style that I have grown to like in SL. Kind of big but delicate.


I took a picture to show Mistress and clicked on it to get the price. The same thing I had just done with the pair of shoes. After all this I'm not even sure I really like either the shoes OR the earrings.

Anyway... I was taking a volume approach with it. If I send her a dozen things I want to buy, she'll certainly let me get at least one of them, right? So I went to Celestial Studios (right across from ETD) to look at a few things there. I love big places like that since you always see something new. Same with Wrong, Pixeldolls, ETD...

Anyway, I saw this outfit:

Nice but hardly the best thing in SL, especially for $200L. I like the top since it's so sheer; I've seen so many babydolls that look like maternity clothes that I am usually a bit wary of them. The pants? Eh. I'll probably wear the top with something from Last Call. So I took a pic of it just in case I didn't find anything else that really called to me. I clicked again to get the price ($200L).

That was when I got a little sloppy with my clicks and accidentally bought it.

I really do try to do the right thing you know? This time I just gackt it up. It doesn't help that this comes after my complete misreading of a few very simple things that Mistress had said.

But... at least I had a great time with Jaan, just talking, hoping, laughing. She is a delight and a treasure.

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