Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thank goodness for autosave on Blogger...

...and thanks for nothing Cox!

Cox is my cable & Internet company. I lost my Internet connection at least nine times today. So many kind and charitable things went through my head when I was on the phone with Jason from Cox.

Jason told me that here was a problem reported at 3:00 pm for the entire Phoenix area. I was very impressed by how Cox had planned ahead since it was only just after 2:00 pm when I was speaking with him. Makes you think that maybe if they are that organized they could have scheduled the problem to occur with some other company's Internet instead of their own.

Why is it that whenever I call Cox, no matter when and for what reason, the man who answers is ALWAYS named 'Jason?' I must admit that talking to Jason was much better than talking to someone in India with a made-up American sounding name. When I asked Jason where he was located, he replied almost cryptically:

Me: Where are you located? Aren't you in Phoenix?
Jason: In the Midwest.
Me: Really? What part of the Midwest?
Jason: The upper part.
Me: Ah. The upper part.
Sheesh. Now I know what it's like to talk to me.
So to make a short story long, Internet seems to be back, SL seems to have survived without me and I have some catching up to do at work tomorrow.
I got an email and then an IM from Jan but not an SL IM. I had no idea that Gmail had IM. I was reading Jan's email when an IM popped up from her right there in Gmail. How cool!
So it turned out to be a pretty good night. Things are happy with Jan and I got to see Mistress (finally). Busy-ness, Cox and the weather have been coming between us lately.
It is so... something how Mistress can make me feel. So...
  • delicate
  • fragile
  • vulnerable
  • weak
  • filled
  • dependent
  • hopeful

She has this ability to know just what to do at just the right (or worst) moment to always keep me at the edge of my seat. It is just uncanny. I sit there typing with sweat forming on my forehead, nervous as anything, hoping I get this right and knowing that I probably won't. Her response is never what I expect it to be, which I am sure she knows.


Blogger has a dose of SL tonight. I keep publishing this and the spacing is all wonky. Let me try putting a dot on each line instead of a line break... one sec.


Well that sort of worked but why is it stuck in double space mode now? Oy!

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Jaan Dubrovna said...

Not much really to say except how good it was to talk to you last night. How fortuitous. Serendipitous. My what big words I use. Are you impressed? I thought not. :-)

You are such a wonderful friend Emilee.