Sunday, August 24, 2008

Almost forgot this part.

I logged in earlier today just to give Mistress my status on a project. Status: gackt.

Then I did some life things today... errands, etc. and ended the evening helping my brother with some tile he is installing and went to bed at about midnight, thoroughly exhausted.

(People do projects at night in AZ; it's 'hotter than stink' during the day.)

Then I sat up in bed, realizing I had forgotten something important. No blog!


So here I am and here it is. My blog for the day, chronicling the life and times of MLE in SL.

Earlier today I did very little - I just sent Mistress an IM, then had to run and do some errands. Or did I do the errands first? Hm. Well it was one or the other.

Tonight I TP'd to the dining room from the bedroom and once again found myself standing on the buffet. How uncouth! So I finally did something about it.

Now I'm off to bed, finally.

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