Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today, on Get Gackt:

I was poking around in the most bizarre bunch of shops you'll find in SL and I saw this blimp. I guess you can fly it but it seems too cheap to be an actual, flyable blimp. It's only $400L. Maybe I'm just too rich but it seems to me that any blimp worth having would be more than just $400L.


I'm not sure why this occurred to me but... y'know those pathetic, sex-crazed newbies who run around with nothing but a weewee sticking out? This would be perfect for them. It would put the other newbs with the standard, wrong-colored weewee to shame! It's absurdly huge, the wrong color AND you can customize the logo on it. I should start a business selling these... wait... they're all broke too. That's what makes them such a catch. Bad manners, ugly as sin and destitute!

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