Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hangin' around...

I sent an IM to a random newbie in the newbie group I am in. His name was Klaus19 something.

[23:50] Emilee Gackt: Hi there.
[23:55] Emilee Gackt: Getting things figured out well enough?

Based on this we can say that Klaus19 is one or more of the following:
  • Camping (he has no payment info on file).
  • Counting his huge stack of Lindens.
  • Not much of a talker.
  • Just buried in IMs from people who adore avatars with numbers in their names.
  • So clueless that he can't figure out how to respond to an IM.

If I got to know Klaus19 and we became friendly, would he make me call him Klaus19 or could I just go by the more familiar 19?

Couldn't his mother come up with ANY other names besides Klaus? And my goodness woman! 19 of them?!?

I am reminded of two things...

Thing 1:

Thing 2: Somewhere over the months that I have been in SL I overheard someone say something close to this: "Anyone with a number in their name automatically sucks."

Klaus19 should create a new account and use one of the names from instead of Klaus19.

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