Friday, August 15, 2008

My worlds collided

And no one died. There wasn't even any bleeding from my ears. Tonight was a meeting I was dreading as much as I was looking forward to. My two reasons for living in SL - Mistress and Jan - finally met and I survived to blog about it.

The whole time I kept getting lost in the idea that both of them, both of you, were there in the house just for me. It was so humbling somehow and for sure it was very happifying. Now I've been gackt AND happified.

I've been away from home and my routine for so long and it will be good to get back into things next week. I've been in Seattle all this week and my best RL friend who lives in Portland drove up for a visit. We went to the Space Needle (she was too scared to go up) and the Pike Place Market (it was closed) but we had fun just walking and talking and shopping. They have Lush in Seattle! Woohoo!

Of course I finally got to see Mistress again after nearly a week - four or five days or so? Anyway, it was so nice to see her and so thoughtful what she said:

[22:14] Jacquelin Mazi chuckles lightly under her breath: "I pulled you away from jan didn't I?
[22:14] Emilee Gackt nods.
[22:15] Jacquelin Mazi: this is uncommon so you will express to her my apologies later.... normally I would not take you so harshly and quickly...

I just feel so much like skipping that the two of them finally met.

The ways that Mistress expresses emotion to me are precious. She skirts around it, not wanting to appear too un-Mistressy in the process, which makes the things she tells me so much more meaningful. And the things she feels are very much returned by the gackty one.

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