Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She is, I'm not.

So I went to the Ranch (don't go there by the way - VERY high suck factor) to work on a project for Mistress. They have just redesigned the place so that you once you get to the Ranch, you need to TP to the main part. I can't click on anything > can't TP > milled around in the landing zone until I was noticed by a newbie.

He was in clear and utter need of some advice so I started pouring it on. He had his weewee sticking out of his undies (which was all he was wearing), newbie hair, newbie skin, on and on and on...

Talking was a challenge for both of us. He kept asking things like:

[2008/08/26 23:03] ocha Luik: r u gonna want to play later?
[2008/08/26 23:07] ocha Luik: where r u from Emilee

And I kept saying things like:
[2008/08/26 23:04] Emilee Gackt: Ocha I am happy to help you but I have asked you a few times now to focus.
[2008/08/26 23:07] Emilee Gackt: Ok, I really must stop this conversation if you do that again. Focus on what I am saying ocha, and stop trying to play. That isn't going to happen.

I have learned a lot from Mistress and I am in awe of her patience with people like this. That is one thing she has that I lack, at least in the amount that she has it.

Jan logged in again tonight. Her solution to our time zone problem is to take a nap at 10:00 pm, then get up to come and see me. I am in awe of her dedication.

Hm. Blogger is flagging 'weewee' as a typo. Hasn't blogger ever heard of weewees?

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