Saturday, August 16, 2008

No one's here...

Well I'm finally home and rested so I thought I'd log in for a bit. I have one or two thing to work on but having no friends at all online tends to make a pouty gackt.

[Insert a '/me laughs' here]

When I logged in I got a group IM from one of the book groups that I'm in.Some kind of promo/beach party thing I guess but they said they were giving away $15,000L to random people just for being there.

Being pretty random myself, I figured I'd go and be random at the party thing while I worked on my projects. Pfft!

It was full of:

[16:20] Joliet Hale: ♥(`'•.¸(`'•.¸ * ¸.•'´)¸.•'´)♥
[16:20] Joliet Hale: «´•.¸¸.•TP ALL YOUR FRIENDS •.¸¸.•`»
[16:20] Joliet Hale: ♥(¸.•'´(¸.•'´ * `'•.¸)`'•.¸)♥


[16:21] Joliet Hale howls! "AROOOOOOOoooooooo!" (this is accompanied by a fake sounding wolf howl).

They announced the winner but I never saw it in chat. There was just lots of this:

[16:25] Joliet Hale howls! "AROOOOOOOoooooooo!"
[16:25] Jackdog Snook: feel free to add me as a friend[16:25]
Claire McLeod: yay!
[16:26] Joliet Hale: hoooooot!!! CONGRATS!!!
[16:26] CarolKatie Underwood YAY CONGRATUATIONS!

I left. If they don't want to give me $15,000L fine! I don't want to stay at their dumb party!

[insert a '/me pouts']

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