Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tripped over the obvious again.

I am so self-centered sometimes. It's been all about me and my struggle to figure out this Mistress. She asked for my wants and it never blipped into my gackty lil brain to wonder or even ask what she wants and today she told me and of course it wasn't until much later that it registered and I had an 'aha!' moment.

Mistress: listen
Mistress: learn
Mistress: suffer for me
Mistress: because I enjoy it
Mistress: there is no other reason
Mistress: you are here to please ME
Emilee Gackt looks up.
Mistress: it is difficult
Mistress: painful
Mistress: very painful sometimes
Mistress: very frustrating
Mistress: but you endure
Mistress: because in the end
Mistress: you make me SO proud!
Mistress: thats what I want
Mistress: make me proud gackty one
Mistress: show me how strong you really are

These are the things I need to focus on. I'll figure everything out sooner or later but for now... I'm so glad that this was a good day with Mistress.

And I so hope that she doesn't think this is too intimate to put here.

And what was the third option?!?

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