Friday, June 13, 2008

Sometimes this is hard

Everytime I start thinking how hard it is to keep doing this blog everyday something happens that makes it so easy. I go from a complete blank to having so much to write about that I am sure to forget some of it and likely not do the rest of it justice.

It's kind of like that now; I didn't see Mistress yesterday and all I did in SL was buy the new house and send a notecard to the owner asking for a snowflake effect to be turned off or moved; it's snowing in one corner of the upper room. I asked Mistress if she would allow me the ability to send and receive IMs so that the landlord could send me (and Mistress) an invitation for the land group. She did but so far I haven't heard from the landlord.

I waited for Mistress for a a few hours; she never logged on and my instinct tells me that somehow leaving without seeing her is something I'm going to regret. My instinct is also telling me that my instincts are wrong as often as they are correct. Probably more in fact.

I'm getting to miss logging in and hearing that IM chime telling me that I have an IM waiting for me.

So now that I've said what a boring day I had in SL yesterday, I'm sure today will be memorable for one reason or another.

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