Sunday, June 22, 2008

Coulda been embarassing

I logged on and sent an IM to Mistress as instructed, telling her that I'd just had my water. When I sent it I got that reply that my IM had been blocked, which was odd because I am supposed to be able to IM her. I looked at the name and I had accidentally IM'd the person on my Friends List just above Mistress' name.

It would have been an embarassing conversation to have to explain why I had just informed Mistress that I've just had my water. I'm glad of two things:
1. That my IMs were blocked.
2. That to my knowledge, only Mistress and one other person ever reads this blog.

I'm sitting here at the Ranch reading profiles. I've approached 3 or 4 (maybe it's not even that many) people in main chat and tried to have a conversation. Talking in chat is so stifling for me and apparently for others too. I'm beginning to feel lonely for the first time.

I had a nice conversation with a new person earlier tonight. He seemed to be either shy or vanilla or perhaps just lying (his born-on date was 12/07 but he said that he had just figured out SL). If he really was new that might be why he wasn't put off by speaking in chat - he just didn't know better. I can't remember ever paying attention to the chat box when I was in a place like the Ranch and now it is all I look at.

This is frustrating. I feel lonely and want to do something about it but I don't want to look like an idiot in chat. Am I being too prideful for a slave? The only other conversation I had was with someone who was in Port Kar; our chat was terse at best.

I'm sleepy.

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