Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mixed feelings

I haven't been online much the last two days which has given me time to... uhoh... think!

I look forward to every moment with Mistress. There is mystique and challenge and genuine caring emotion in being with her.

We reviewed my list of wants and arrived at a pretty good agreement over all but one of them. That one was a big one and oddly has gotten bigger as I have had time to consider it. It was at the top of my list but not intentionally. It was the first one I thought of but does that make it the most important? Anyway... it had to do with all the things I've done in SL and enjoyed. That will all change with this Mistress and I keep having conflicting thoughts about it.

I am wondering what will grow up into the space where all my old SL habits and pleasures used to be and I am all of a sudden wondering once again if Mistress was worth all this sacrifice. So far I'd say yes but honestly, so far we're still on the honeymoon. What I have shared with Mistress is so far from all the guilty pleasures I've indulged myself with in the past year-and-a-half.

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