Monday, June 9, 2008


I am to blog about my activities every day that I spend time in SL, even on days that are filled with things as mundane as looking for a prefabbed house.

It seemed annoying at first and now that I'm actually writing, I'm realizing something about this. Even when Mistress is not here, this blog is a link between us and a subtle form of domination. On our 'days off' (so to speak) I am still required to give her my thoughts and efforts. That makes this quite more than just a blog.

I spent Sunday in SL mostly looking for a house. Mistress would like 3 rooms with not a lot of prims. I found some that were charming - beachfront style homes with the right amount of space and rooms. Not too expensive as I remember - $1000L or some such. And they were only 500 and 600 prims each! Ack! I'm just boggled. Why would anyone buy a house with that many prims? I looked at other houses that were a tenth that primmy and just as nice to look at. The space in those just wasn't quite right, so the search goes on.

We have a nice enough plot of land in mind. It's now just a matter of putting a house on it.

I did a bit more inventory organizing. Keeping the Trash emptied is becoming a challenge to remember. Every random note or picture I get decline ends up in the Trash so I need to remember to empty it daily.

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