Friday, June 13, 2008

Missed the obvious again

In my blog profile it says that I sometimes overlook the obvious and I did just that today and yesterday. I bought a house and am moving into it with Mistress. How is that not worth a blog entry? I mentioned the mechanics of it but not the significance.

It's strange how my feelings are shifting. I still crave my times with Mistress and it's change some; there is a bit of dread mingled with everything else I've been feeling - curiosity, excitement, humility, shame, fear... I feel different things on different days.

I'm carrying all that into this move. I'm excited about it and all of a sudden I'm feeling some dread. Not reluctance or hesitation. Just dread. I have no doubt that I'll have some trying challenges in that house and I'm looking forward to them and dreading them. Mostly looking forward at this point. For now.

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