Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not a bad day overall

I'm not sure I'll ever learn not to think. The new thing is to use common sense; I thought I was among the most sensible in SL. I am grateful to Mistress for pointing it out that I am not. These late nights are so... late. And I have to write the blog entry for that day AFTER I log out from SL. I joined a few groups (2 actually as I remember) devoted to helping new people in SL. I got an anonymous IM from someone in one of the groups (no idea which one) just asking if she could join me. How sad I felt for her. She said that up until then nearly everything she had done in SL had been by herself. I had loads of advice for her and it was hard for me to take that I might have been a bit forceful with it. It's hard because it's how I've been doing things for so long in SL. Anyway, as I remember it, I added three people to my friends list today. It's starting to be like it used to be again, or at least as much as it can be. I have missed being so helpful and appreciated and liked.

I posted this last night and in true flaky gackty form, I forgot something rather important. Mistress asked me what my aching desire is. I never know if that's a loaded question or if it is simply a face-value question. Is she going fishing or just wanting to reward the gackty one?

So she asked and I answered that I was frustrated over something and given time to sleep on it, that has become just a 'sucks to be a slave' type of problem. What I really longed for was just some time being cared for and loved, softly and tenderly for just a few minutes.

Now that I've slept on THAT, it seems to me that I've been terribly spoiled up until now. In the 18 months or so that I've been in SL I've always gotten what I wanted; I either went and got it or it was just given to me. So... now there's a quandary I'm in. I don't want to be known as a spoiled slave and don't want to think of myself that way and I still want what I want. Is it slave-like to be strong and live without? Or should I keep longing and hoping for the things I want? Now that I've typed all that it seems that doing both is also an option.

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